Amiown, Amity’s own caring preschool

We nurture happy & lifelong learners

Mission Statement

At Amiown, we nurture our children to be happy, to be able to express themselves freely, to love themselves and others around them, to have a passion for life, to be the best they possibly can. This is not only our philosophy and goal but also our reward.

Our curriculum is aimed at creating a vibrant, joyous and stimulating learning experience for the child

Vice Chairperson’s Message

It is now commonly known that the Preschool stage is crucial. It is a child’s first exposure to a learning environment and the experiences at this age and stage can impact a child for a lifetime. A good Preschool recognizes this, lives by this and with this idea aims to facilitate optimum development of each child. Amiown Preschools offer such a young, vibrant and passionate Team committed to the optimum development of its young learners. This is also what makes learning at Amiown exciting and funfilled!

Every year our children motivate us to challenge ourselves and broaden our own body of knowledge so as to bring more diversity and depth into the Curriculum. As educators, it is our firm belief that we are learners first and it is with this spirit and mindset that we keep evolving and growing ourselves. It is also with this attitude that we strive to “nurture happy and lifelong learners”.

In the past years, as a Team we have experienced a lot of Professional Development and had opportunities to study, compare and deliberate on different methodologies for the Early Years, with the aim to translate the best practices into our own learning environment. These opportunities have intrigued and inspired us; our own learning outcomes, manifested in the learning of our children, will be visible to you during the course of the School year.

It is our constant endeavor to keep sharing with you through various forums – online as well as in person, the growth and development of your child and at the same time it is our expectation that we have your full support and participation at every step.

Each Amiown child’s smile is a motivation for us and on behalf of the whole team at Amiown, it is my promise that we will do our best to keep giving you our best.

Best Wishes
Sapna Chauhan