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Amicots For Infants

Designed especially for infants between 9 and 14 months

Amitots For Toddlers

It’s when toddlers are developing fastest, that they need the greatest care.


In Pre-nursery, our aim is to nurture your child with loving care and infuse in them a lifelong passion for learning.


In Nursery, we carry forward the momentum created in the previous session and infuse more learning and experiencing activities into the daily routine of the child


In Amiown’s Kindergarten, learning is all fun and games in an environment infused with happiness, joy, curiosity and excitement.


Amiown’s day care center has been carefully conceived and developed to feel just like home for its little guests.

Kahaani Tree

A unique initiative of Amiown, ‘Kahaani Tree’ uses the art and science of storytelling to teach little children important lessons of life and, in turn, create a stronger bond between children and their parents.